For Early Childhood Educators & Teachers of children aged 3-6 years.

NEW Online Learning program

Sounds good to me is a training program for early childhood educators and teachers working with children aged 3 – 6 years, to support children’s learning, literacy skills and preparation for school.

The program, developed by HealthWISE, aims to support educators and teachers in promoting and teaching phonological awareness skills in early childhood and school settings.

What is phonological awareness?
Phonological awareness is an explicit understanding that spoken words consist of smaller parts e.g. syllables and sounds. It is the ability to identify sounds and their sequence in words, and to be able to compare words on this basis.

Phonological awareness is a pre-reading skill and a strong predictor of later success in reading. Many school teachers report that children are starting school without the speech and language skills needed for formal school learning.

Program for educators

• What is Phonological Awareness?
• Why is it important for school readiness?
• Why should we teach this at our centre or school?
• What is the evidence?
• Where does it fit in the Early Years Learning Framework and school curriculum?
• Pre and post program screening tools
• Play based activities to incorporate into your program for 3-6 years
• Includes the program and assessment materials and manual.

Sounds good to me fits well with school readiness programs and is suitable for use with professional development funding. Sounds good to me is presented by HealthWISE Certified Practising Speech Pathologist Anne Williams.