Are you an individual with a lived experience of suicide?  Or a family member or carer whose life has been touched by suicide? 

Lived experience means someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts, survived or cared for someone through a suicide attempt or been bereaved by suicide.  Those with lived experience can come in the form of individuals, carers, friends, colleagues, partners and children. 

People with lived experience can provide valuable insights into suicide prevention initiatives.  The personal experience and understanding of their journey can guide prevention planning, treatment and education, as well as contribute to improved care and enhanced safety to reduce suicide attempts and deaths.   

Are you wanting to make a positive contribution to suicide prevention in your community?

As part of the HealthWISE Suicide Prevention Initiative Aftercare program, a Lived Experience Reference and Advisory Group was developed to help understand the important role lived experience can play in helping to reduce the rates of suicide and its impact in our local community.  

HealthWISE is inviting expressions of interest from people with lived experience who are interested in participating in this group and willing to share not only their time, but also their thoughts and experiences. 

The primary role of the group is to provide constructive guidance, opinions and feedback to HealthWISE to assist in improving the quality and delivery of HealthWISE suicide prevention programs, implementing new policies and programs.

Your wellbeing is the most important thing, so please think about where you are in your recovery journey before applying.

If you would like to participate in the HealthWISE Lived Experience Reference Group or would like further information, please contact:

Program coordinator, Donna Boughton on (02) 6752 7196 (Moree) or donna.boughton@healthwise.org.au

Lived Experience Worker, Alicia Morgan on (02) 6721 4117 (Inverell) or alicia.morgan@healthwise.org.au