Facing Disruption – The Exchange

‘Disruptors’ was the theme of The Exchange, an event which brings women in business and leadership roles together to share their stories and insights.

Over 50 women from the Ipswich region joined HealthWISE for The Exchange on Thursday 8 June.

Guest speaker and founder of eco-furniture store Circonomy Yasmin Grigaliunas, was joined by Virginia Hyam from Home of the Arts (HOTA) and Shelley McCormack of Bull and Bear Economics for a panel discussion on disruptors, lead by HealthWISE CEO Fiona Strang. The panel shared their ideas on steps participants could take if they have identified a potential disruption in their community or industry, and also spoke positively about having a disruptor in your team environment.

After finishing school at Redbank and working in Ipswich as a takeaway store manager, Yasmin’s life has taken twists and turns, but she believes in her business and has remained driven to build it up.  Ms McCormack spoke about advising companies who may have identified a disruption, such as when their innovative proposal does not fit within any local zoning laws. She also shared her experience in dealing with a current disruption many organisations are grappling with – workforce shortages.

As Head of Programming at HOTA, Virginia Hyam supports the Disruptor In Residence program. The program grew out of a desire to activate the cultural precinct in a way which offered surprise and delight to unsuspecting patrons who may be milling around between shows, or even staff within the internal finance department. The program aims to take people out of their headspace and deliver something they don’t expect.

The Exchange, established by HealthWISE in 2019, creates opportunities for women in professional, leadership or business roles to meet, expand networks and exchange information with peers. The emphasis of each event is empowering participants to take the next step in their career or community regardless of age, industry, or geographical location. The Exchange is supported by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women.

The Exchange takes place in multiple locations across the year, with more details available here.

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