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HealthWISE Privacy Policy

Consumer Privacy
We recognise the importance of privacy and that we are under a legal obligation to protect the integrity of personal information. In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Types of information that we collect and hold
To support the provision of health services, we need to collect information about you that is relevant to the service provided. This may include sensitive information, including information about your health.

How we collect and use that information
Information will only be collected by lawful and fair means, directly from yourself, your GP, your allied health professional, or another person referring you to our service. Wherever possible, we will obtain your consent prior to collecting this information.

We will only use your information for the purposes for which it was obtained – the planning and delivery of your care.

Keeping you in control
We must consider all reasonable requests from a patient for access to their own information. Transfer of medical record information to another healthcare provider can be done directly to that provider on the consumer’s request.

Protecting your information
We take all reasonable steps to ensure that information about you is protected from unauthorised disclosure, loss, misuse or alteration. Personal information is held securely and only accessed by authorised employees.

Information sharing for continuity of health care shall be with authorised individuals and organisations on a need to know basis, and be directly relevant to the consumer’s continuity of health care. All personal information gathered by HealthWISE will remain confidential except in circumstances related to public interest such as law enforcement and public or individual health
and safety.

If you believe there has been a breach of your privacy, set out the details of your complaint in writing to:

HealthWISE Privacy Officer , PO Box 1916,  TAMWORTH NSW 2340

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Please contact your closest HealthWISE office for more information.

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