HealthWISE is funded by the Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network (HNECCPHN) to deliver the Ezidkhan Care Navigation program for Ezidi humanitarian entrants in Armidale. 

Ezidkhan Care Navigation Team - Kaso Elias, Jehan Darwesh and Melissa van Leeuwen

Ezidkhan Care Navigation is a free service that can help people from the Ezidi community to identify their health goals and find solutions to barriers impacting their health.

Examples of these may include:  

  • Understanding the Australian healthcare system.  
  • Help managing appointments.  
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Referrals to other support services.  
  • Help with Isolated Patients Transport and Accommodation Scheme (IPTAAS) forms. 
  • Help completing hospital forms. 
  • Help with health-related Centrelink forms.
  • Travel arrangements for specialist appointments out of town.

The Ezidkhan Care Navigator will meet with a client and after learning what the person’s goals are and work together with the client to achieve these. Follow-up appointments will be made if needed, either by phone or in person. 

This is not a clinical service. It has been designed to work in partnership with the GP and their patient to overcome any barriers impacting overall health outcomes. This program is accessed by GP referral and is available in the Armidale area only. 

Referral Forms

To find out more about the Ezidkhan Care Navigation Program or how to access this service please contact our care navigators, Kaso Elias, Jehan Darwesh or Melissa van Leeuwen in the Armidale HealthWISE office on 02 6771 1146 or email cnarmidale@healthwise.org.au 

To help address some of the challenges faced by the Ezidi community, HealthWISE, funded by the Hunter New England Primary Health Network (HNECC PHN), developed a series of short videos that explain various aspects of the Australian healthcare system, spoken in the Ezidi language, Kurdish/Kurmanji.

HealthWISE then collaborated with the HNECC PHN and Armidale Women’s shelter to produce a second series of videos, focusing on domestic and family violence.