HealthWISE Telehealth – What is it, and how do use it?

HealthWISE Telehealth offers appointments over the phone ( landline or mobile), or uses video chat on your computer, tablet or mobile. HealthWISE Telehealth allows clients to speak to their clinician or worker through a simple audio link or interact with them through a screen.

When you make an appointment with HealthWISE at the moment, you will be able to choose, where appropriate, which Telehealth option you prefer – phone or video chat. We are currently offering very limited, and under very strict guidelines, face to face appointments.

HealthWISE Telehealth appointment via PHONE: 
The clinician/worker will ring you at the appointed time on the phone number you have provided.

HealthWISE Telehealth appointment via VIDEO CHAT:
You will be advised if you will be using SKYPE OR ZOOM video chat.

Requirements for HealthWISE Telehealth video appointments:
• You will need a computer/phone that allows audio and visual (i.e. a microphone and a webcam)
• Telehealth Therapy can be accessed on computer or mobile, allowing the flexibility of where you can conduct the session (i.e. at home or in the community etc)
• We ask that if you are in a public area, please use headphones to reduce the background noise and allow the communication between yourself and the therapist to be uninterrupted

What is Skype? Skype is an app you can download and create an account to provide video chat between computers, tablets and mobiles. You need to download the app before your appointment. Your clinician/worker will then use your account ID to contact you at the appointment time.

What is Zoom? Zoom is a web-based platform which provides video chat between computers, tablets and mobiles. You do not need an account to use Zoom. Your clinician/worker will send you a link prior so you can join the video chat at the time of the appointment.

While using either Skype or Zoom you will be able to see and hear your clinician/worker, and they will be able to see and hear you for the duration of the appointment.

Before your Telehealth appointment

  • Are you somewhere quiet and private?
  • Will you be free from interruptions for the next hour?
  • Are you able to switch off your phone?
  • Do you need a cup of tea/drink of water/bathroom?
  • Is anyone else in the room listening to this session?

We understand that when working with technology things can go wrong,
so lets work together to make this a positive experience!

Tips for Skype

How to set up an account: 

How do I answer a Skype call?

How do I resolve audio and video issues in Skype? www.healthwise.how-do-i-resolve-audio-and-video-issues-in-skype.com

Tips for Zoom

If you require any help for trouble shooting during the connection process, please phone or email your clinician/worker and they will contact you by phone to help, or call HealthWISE on 1800 931 540.

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