A rare opportunity for early educators

Parents and early educators will have a rare opportunity to make sure their pre-schoolers are on the right track at a free webinar featuring HealthWISE speech pathologist Anne Williams next Wednesday. Co-creator of Sounds good to me, a school readiness on-line course for early education centres, Anne will discuss typical speech development in children aged between 3-5, common speech error patterns and when and who to refer to for help. She will share her expert tips to encourage children to develop good speech skills.

“Speech skills are important for good communication. It is exciting to watch and help a child learn to speak and there are lots of things that educators and parents can do to help,” Anne said. “As children are learning to talk, they may be a bit hard to understand sometimes and not get all the sounds in their words correct. This is normal, so it’s good to know what to expect at certain ages.”
Designed for early educators, parents are also welcome to join. Attendees will receive a downloadable free resource to assist speech development.

The Sounds good to me on-line course focuses on developing the skills that children need before they start school. A one year membership allows access for up to six educators. The course is delivered in a series of short videos, demonstrating the program activities in a real early childhood setting. Extensive support and resources are part of the program. Educators who register for the webinar will receive a discount code to purchase the program membership for 15-months at the usual 12-month price allowing time to get ready for the new teaching year.

Visit the Sounds good to me website or click the button below to register. The webinar will run at 12.30pm and 6pm AEDT on Wednesday, November 18. For those unable to attend next week, registration will enable access to an on demand version, as well as to the resources and time-limited discount code.

To learn more about Sounds good to me and Wednesday’s free webinar, visit www.soundsgoodtome.com.au or follow Sounds good to me on Facebook.

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