Unsure about the shutdown?

Latest information provided by state and federal leaders as of Monday, March 23.

Latest information provided by state and federal leaders as of Monday, March 23.

What businesses can stay open?

Most businesses, including major retailers and department stores, can continue to run if they comply with social-distancing guidelines,
Under the new measures, cafes and restaurants will be able to operate, but only to offer takeaway and delivery services.
Hotels will be allowed to offer accommodation.
And the following businesses have been dubbed essential to society and will remain open:
Petrol stations
Convenience stores
Freight and logistics
Food delivery
Bottle shops

What do businesses have to do if they stay open?

All businesses operating must meet social-distancing guidelines — keeping people 1.5 metres apart, and ensuring 4 square metres per person — and not have gatherings of more than 100 people indoors.
Businesses are encouraged to adjust work practices around these guidelines in order to keep operating, such as arrange for staff to work from home.

What businesses must close?

The Prime Minister announced on Sunday that some businesses would have to close by midday on Monday because people were gathering in some of them against social-distancing guidelines.
These include:
Indoor places of worship
Indoor sporting venues

What about hairdressers and other businesses that interact with customers?

Leaders have recognised the balance between keeping businesses operating and reducing the spread of the virus is difficult.

At this stage, businesses such as hairdressers and beauticians can stay open if they comply with social-distancing guidelines — as challenging as that may be.

Restaurants and cafes can continue cooking if they offer takeaway. 

What about schools and childcare centres?

Schools and childcare centres remain open until the school holidays, though some jurisdictions have brought forward the end of the term.

Today, Monday March 23, will be the final day of the term for kids in Victoria.

In NSW, schools are open but parents are being told to keep their children home unless they have no other option.

Other states and territories are not as restrictive and encourage parents to keep children in school.

Governments are working on online materials to continue the curriculum if schools are shut.

Parents should seek specific information from their state or territory government.

Can I leave my house?

The Prime Minister has said people can leave their homes, but only if their travel is essential.

That might be to go to the shops, go to work or go to the pharmacy.

People may exercise, but only in isolation.

Government leaders have insisted reducing social interaction every day is imperative and it is up to Australians to make sensible decisions.

As of Monday 23 March 2020, to ensure the safety of HealthWISE staff and clients/patients, changes will be made to services at HealthWISE offices, and we will move from providing face to face services to delivering services via telehealth/skype/phone.

All services to schools, aged care facilities and home visits will be placed on hold for the time being.

Please phone your HealthWISE office for more information.
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